Announcements from the Women’s Programs Office

Gabe Twose rejoins APA as an intern and WPO is PSYCHED about women.

WPO welcomes Gabe Twose

Gabe Twose rejoined APA in February 2012 as an intern in the Women’s Programs Office, where he is primarily focusing on the Task Force on the Trafficking of Women and Girls. He has previously worked with the WPO as a program assistant and a consultant. He is a 5th year graduate student, completing his PhD in social psychology at Clark University, where his dissertation focuses on the Liberian Truth and Reconciliation Commission. He has published his research in a variety of journals, and has presented at US and international conferences. He is excited to be back at WPO, working on such an important initiative.

PSYCHED about Women

Cheering women (credit: Ms. Kari Hill)

The APA Women’s Programs Office works to improve the status, health and well-being of women psychologists and women and their families. Our current portfolio employs…

Psychology in the Public Interest to explore issues related to:

Safety & Security, 

Youth Empowerment, 

Career Development, 

  • APA Leadership Institute for Women in Psychology

  • Women in the APA
    A timeline of women APA presidents, the representation of women on the APA Board of Directors and Council of Representatives, and those serving in APA Division executive committees (in development).

Health & Wellness, 

Education, and 


  • Black women’s health initiative
    The WPO is currently working on a Memorandum of Understanding with the Links, Inc. Eastern Area to develop a presentation on mental health challenges and supports impacting African American women.

For more information about the Women’s Programs Office or the APA Committee on Women in Psychology please visit the websites.

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The 2011 activities of the APA Women’s Programs Office

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The 2011 activities of the APA Committee on Women in Psychology