Hear directly from middle school girls about their experience at Oak Ridge National Laboratory

Proud to be a girl: A visit to Oak Ridge National Laboratory.

By Dot Harris
There’s an old axiom that you can’t be what you can’t see. Perhaps if you think about what inspired you to enter into your current job or line of study, you’ll recognize a role model or two that inspired you to take your current path. The Energy Department has this axiom in mind when examining ways to address the serious shortage of females engaged in careers in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) in the United States. That’s why I am part of the White House Council on Women and Girls STEM Speakers Bureau, adding outreach sessions about my work in STEM to my travel whenever I am out of the District for meetings. Earlier this month, I met with middle school girls from the east Nashville area, who drove in to Oak Ridge National Laboratory for a full lab tour and to speak with me about their visions for pursuing a career in STEM. The visit connected the girls with STEM professionals and showed them what a bustling, state of the art National Laboratory has to offer. Visit the Council on Women and Girls website to read the full story.