Women's Psych-E Newsletter: Past Issues

  • December 2008[PDF]

    In this issue: AIDS Awareness Month, reproductive and sexual health, and the provider conscience clause.

  • November 2008[PDF]

    In this issue: American Diabetes Awareness Month, trafficking in women, gender difference and the wage gap, opportunities for psychologists, and more.

  • October 2008[PDF]

    In this issue: Domestic Violence and Breast Cancer Awareness Month, stalking, dating violence and mammograms.

  • June 2008[PDF]

    In this issue: APA's Annual Convention, postpartum depression brochure and a congressional briefing on girls' achievements.

  • April 2008[PDF]

    In this issue: Sexual Assault Awareness Month, resistance strategies to sexual assault, the impact of collective violence, and the Leadership Institute for Women in Psychology.

  • March 2008[PDF]

    In this issue: Women's History Month, National Multicultural Conference and Summit and Leadership Institute for Women.

  • February 2008[PDF]

    In this issue: heart disease, postpartum depression brochure, maternal stress increases mental health problems in children.

  • August 2007[PDF]

    In this issue: the Report of the APA Task Force on the Sexualization of Girls, paid sick leave for working families and post-Katrina realities for women.

  • June 2007[PDF]

    In this issue: APA's annual convention and the RAISE Project, aimed at ensuring that qualified women are nominated for top national awards in science, medicine and engineering.

  • May 2007[PDF]

    In this issue: postpartum depression and the gender income gap.

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