Summit on Women and Depression

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Journal of Clinical Psychiatry, vol 63(7) (July, 2002)
Introduction: Women and Depression.

Carolyn M. Mazure and Ellen Frank

Chronic Depression in Women.
Susan G. Kornstein

The Pharmacologic Treatment of Depression: Is Gender a Critical Factor?
Kimberly A. Yonkers and Olga Brawman-Mintzer

Sex Differences in Depressed Substance Abusers.
Rajita Sinha and Bruce J. Rounsaville

Alternative Treatments for Depression: Empirical Support and Relevance to Women.
Rachel Manber, John J. B. Allen, and Margaret M. Morris

What Research Suggests for Depressed Women With Children.
Myrna M. Weissman and Peter Jensen

TEN: Trends in Evidence-Based Neuropsychiatry, vol 4(5)
Sex and Gender Differences in Depression: A Report from the Summit on Women and Depression.

Carolyn M. Mazure, Gwendolyn P. Keita, and Mary C. Blehar

Professional Psychology: Research and Practice, vol 34(1) (February, 2003)
Special Section: Women and Depression

Women with Depression: Financial Barriers to Access.
Sherry Glied, Shana McCormack, and Adam Neufeld

Aging Women and Depression.
Margaret Gatz and Amy Fiske

Depression in Ethnically Diverse Women: Implications for Treatment in Primary Care Settings.
Charlotte Brown, Jennifer S. Abe-Kim, and Concepcion Barrio

Journal of Affective Disorders, vol 74(1) (March, 2003)
Special Issue: Women and Depression

Women and Depression: A Millenial Perspective.

Mary Blehar and Gwendolyn Keita

The Economics of Women and Depression: An Employer’s Perspective.
Howard G. Birnbaum, Stephanie A. Leong, and Paul E. Greenberg

Estrogen-Mediated Effects on Depression and Memory Formation in Females.
Tracey J. Shors and Benedetta Leuner

Interpersonal Stress and Depression in Women.
Constance Hammen

Hormones and Mood: From Menarche to Menopause and Beyond.
Meir Steiner, Edward Dunn, and Leslie Born

Personality and Depression in Women.
Thomas A. Widiger and Kristen G. Anderson

The Epidemiology of Women and Depression.
Ronald C. Kessler

Cost-effectiveness of a Primary Care Intervention for Depressed Females.
Jeffrey M. Pyne, Jeffrey Smith, John Fortney, Mingliang Zhang, D. Keith Williams, and Kathryn Rost

Developmental Changes in the Phenomenology of Depression in Girls and Young Women from Childhood Onward.
Maria Kovacs, David Scott Obrosky, and Joel Sherrill

Psychology of Women Quarterly (in press).

Poverty, Inequality, and Discrimination as Sources of Depression Among Women.
Deborah Belle and Joanne Doucet

Depression, PTSD, and Health Problems in Survivors of Male Violence: Research and Training Initiatives to Facilitate Recovery.
Mary P. Koss, Jennifer A. Bailey, Veronica M. Herrera, and Erika L. Lichter

Depression During the Perimenopause.
Nancy E. Avis

Depression, Disability and Rehabilitation Services for Women: Exploring the Interconnections.
Judith A. Cook

Improving Services for Women with Anxiety and Depression in Primary Care Settings.
Wayne J. Katon and Evette J. Ludman

Archives of Women’s Mental Health (in press)

Premenstrual Disorders: Bridging Research with Clinical Reality.
Kimberly Yonkers, Teri Pearlstein, and Robert A. Rosenheck