Advisory Committee on Colleague Assistance (ACCA)

The Advisory Committee on Colleague Assistance (ACCA) has a threefold mission:

  1. To prevent and ameliorate professional distress and impairment and their consequences among psychologists.

  2. To foster and provide resources via linkages to state associations to this end.

  3. Thereby, to better protect the public.

ACCA attempts to attain these goals in three ways: by promoting an understanding and acknowledgment of the unique occupational hazards of psychologists' work, supporting the development and maintenance of state level assistance programming, and encouraging appropriate linkages between state ethics committees, regulatory boards and assistance programs. By working in these areas, ACCA hopes to serve the interests of the public and the professional community.

Staff Liaison

Susan Lazaroff, JD (email)


  • 2015 Co-chair: John F. Christensen, PhD (2013-15)

  • 2015 Co-chair: David S. Shen-Miller, PhD, HSP (2013-15)

  • Richard P. Halgin, PhD (2015-17)

  • Julio I. Rojas, PhD (2014-16)

  • Erica H. Wise, PhD (2014-16)

  • Antonette M. Zeiss, PhD (2014-16)

Additional Information