Resources for Our Troops

Information for Military Personnel and Their Families

Active duty military and family members of those deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan often experience a great deal of stress. Because of this and APA’s focus on the importance of resilience in everyday life, APA has developed a series of brochures based on its Road to Resilience and Mind/Body Health campaigns that teach resilience skills to better manage war-related distress.

Resources for military personnel and their families include:

In addition to these resources, APA has partnered with both Give an Hour and Strategic Outreach to Families of All Reservists (SOFAR), supporting their efforts to provide pro-bono psychological services for return military. Give an Hour is a non-profit organization that has created a national network of licensed mental health providers who have agreed to give one hour of their time each week to provide free counseling and other mental health services to military members, veterans and their families who are experiencing the psychological effects of the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. SOFAR is a pro bono mental health project that provides support, psychotherapy, psycho-education and prevention services to extended family members of reserve and national guard soldiers deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan from time of deployment through the period of reunion and reintegration.