The New Organizational Reality: Downsizing, Restructuring, and Revitalization

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Organizations and businesses today are faced with increased demands to become leaner. These demands are the result of global competition and rapid technology change. Many organizations have responded by corporate restructuring and downsizing, often "outsourcing" many functions originally assigned to permanent employees. How do workers fare in this competitive and uncertain environment? How has the psychological contract between worker and employer changed? How can companies minimize the human impact of downsizing while remaining competitive? And how can the workforce that remains after restructuring be motivated to perform well? These are some of the questions addressed in this volume. This cross-disciplinary book will be of interest to industrial-organizational psychologists and to company managers and human resource personnel.

Table of Contents


—Lennart Levi

—Michael A. Hitt

—James Campbell Quick, Marilyn K. Gowing, and John D. Kraft

I. What Is Changing at Work?


  1. The Economic Context of the New Organizational Reality
    —Robert E. Martin and Sarah J. Freeman
  2. Mergers and Acquisitions, Downsizing, and Privatization: A North American Perspective
    —Ronald J. Burke and Debra Nelson
  3. Learning From Outcomes: Financial Experiences of 311 Firms That Have Downsized
    —Wayne F. Cascio

II. Case Studies of Organizational Restructuring


  1. Helping People and Organizations Deal With the Impact of Competitive Change: An AT&T Case Study
    —Mirian M. Graddick and Peter C. Cairo
  2. Creating a High-Performance Work Culture at Chaparral Steel
    —John Gordon
  3. Base Closure: A Case Study in Occupational Stress and Organizational Decline
    —Joyce A. Adkins
  4. Results-Based Career Transition and Revitalization at the U.S. Office of Personnel Management
    —Michael Grant and John D. Kraft
  5. Reorganizing a Government Human Resources Office: Lessons in Planning
    —Clarence Hardy and Eduardo S. Rodela

III. Strategies for Revitalizing the New Organization


  1. Rekindling Work Commitment and Effectiveness Through a New Work Contract
    —Dennis T. Jaffe and Cynthia D. Scott
  2. Layoff Survivor Sickness: What It Is and What to Do About It
    —David Noer
  3. Leadership in the New Organization
    —Robert Rosen
  4. Holistic Stress Management at Corning, Incorporated
    —Jeff Monroy, Hank Jonas, Joseph Mathey, and Lawrence Murphy

IV. Conclusion

  1. A Conceptual Framework for Coping With the New Organizational Reality
    —Marilyn K. Gowing, John D. Kraft, and James Campbell Quick


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This book provides perspective, insight and a series of real-life case studies in organizational change. It is timely and eye-opening, depicting in detail the positive and negative ramifications of the "new organizational reality"…There is merit and meat in this book for all those in organizational change—the executives and managers, the change agents and facilitators, and the trainers and psychologists who provide support for the individuals affected by the change.
—Government Training News, Vol 23, No 5, May 1999

[This] book offers a balanced, interdisciplinary perspective on an important aspect of contemporary labor markets.
—CHOICE, January 1999, Vol 36, No 5