Quality in Professional Psychology and Training: A National Conference and Self-Study

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Publication Date: 1986
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In this joint publication of the American Psychological Association and the National Council of Schools of Professional Psychology (NCSPP), leaders in professional psychology education address the commitment of professional schools to quality in the education and training of clinical, counseling, and school psychologists. A wide scope of professional training and education issues are addressed, including admissions, accreditation, curriculum and curricular review, faculty development and organization and administration.

The book is divided into two parts: Part I deals with quality control issues in professional psychology, and Part II contains the results of a self-study of all professional schools that are part of the NCSPP.

Table of Contents

—Joanne E. Callan

I. Professional Psychology Quality Control Conference

  1. The Accreditation Process: Facing New Challenges
    —Meredith Crawford
  2. Organizational Dilemmas in the Education of Professional Psychologists
    —Donald R. Peterson
  3. Un-Vailing the Professional Model: Implications for Quality Control
    —Julian Meltzoff
  4. Toward Quality Assurance in the Education of Practicing Psychologists
    —Russell J. Bent
  5. Quality Control in Professional Psychology: Avoiding the Decline of Excellence
    —Gordon F. Derner and George Stricker
  6. Public (Legislative) Expectations Regarding Quality Control in the Education and Practice of Professional Psychology
    —Arthur N. Wiens
  7. Conference Summary
    —Joanne E. Callan


II. NCSPP Self-Study Results

  1. Development of the NCSPP Self-Study
    —Donald R. Peterson
  2. Participating Institutions
    —Donald R. Peterson
  3. Admission to Schools of Professional Psychology
    —George Stricker
  4. Evaluation of Student Competence
    —Edward F. Bourg
  5. Curriculum and Curricular Review
    —David A. Kopplin
  6. Faculty Development
    —Charles D. Corman
  7. Organization and Administration
    —Michael C. Markovitz and Donald R. Peterson
  8. Psychological Service Centers
    —Russell J. Bent
  9. From Description to Evaluation: Criteria for Educational Excellence
    —Ronald A. Giannetti, Donald R. Peterson, and Wallace Wilkins
  10. NCSPP Survey Summary
    —Wallace Wilkins and Ronald A. Giannetti