Invertebrate Learning: A Laboratory Manual and Source Book

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Copyright: 1990
Format: Softcover
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A valuable resource for laboratory instructors, teachers of courses related to animal behavior, and students, this lab manual is a novel approach to classroom experiments in animal behavior. The book is organized into chapters containing exercises on the creation of an ethogram, habituation demonstrations, and classical and operant conditioning. Appropriate for instructors in colleges, universities, and high schools, it is an ingenious way to supplement or create course work in animal behavior and is perfect for programs with budget and space constraints. Presented in a style both the student and instructor will appreciate, this volume is an excellent source and idea book for high school biology instructors, and students interested in science fairs and independent projects.

Table of Contents

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—Note to the Student
—Note to the Instructor

  1. Introduction
  2. Describing Behavior: The Ethogram
    • Experiment 2.1 An Ant Ethogram
  3. Habituation
    • Experiment 3.1 Habituation of Protozoans
    • Experiment 3.2 Habituation of Earthworm
  4. Classical Conditioning
    • Experiment 4.1 Classical Conditioning of Planarians
    • Experiment 4.2 Classical Conditioning of Earthworms
    • Experiment 4.3 Classical Conditioning of Honeybees
  5. Operant Conditioning
    • Experiment 5.1 Operant Conditioning of Lever Press Behavior in the Crab
    • Experiment 5.2 Operant Conditioning of Leg Position in Locusts
    • Experiment 5.3 Maze Learning in the Ant
    • Experiment 5.4 Discrimination Learning in Free-Flying Bees
    • Experiment 5.5 Genetic Approaches to Learning in Fruit Flies


  1. Getting Started
  2. Apparatus Construction
  3. Alternative Species
  4. Source Materials