A Primer of Invertebrate Learning: The Behavioral Perspective

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In succinct, lively, and accessible discussion, A Primer of Invertebrate Learning: The Behavioral Perspective covers a wide range of scientific material; provides extensive information on technique, history, and background not available in any other publication; and lays claim to being the first comprehensive resource on the psychological and biological aspects of invertebrate learning.

Charles I. Abramson assesses the extent to which the study of invertebrates contributes to our understanding of basic learning processes, stereotypic behavior, and cellular mechanisms of behavior. The Primer seeks to encourage further research in a practical, interdisciplinary way, making the volume suitable for students and professors of psychology, biology, zoology, entomology, biochemistry, and ethology.

As a methodological introduction to the study of invertebrate learning, the Primer presents both the principles and nuances of sound experimental design and the fundamental issues in the analysis of animal behavior.

The Primer covers research strategies and the construction of experiments; apparatus design; review of habituation, sensitization, classical conditioning, instrumental conditioning, and operant conditioning; techniques of cellular analysis; and procedural and conceptual issues in invertebrate learning.

Abramson's book is valuable to undergraduates and professors, because it contains practical guidance on designing experiments and using control procedures, as well as an extensive reference list surveying current invertebrate research.

The Primer is a companion volume to Abramson's Invertebrate Learning: A Laboratory Manual and Source Book, published by the American Psychological Association.

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  1. Introduction
  2. Constructing an Experiment With Invertebrates
  3. Tools of the Trade
  4. Habituation and Sensitization
  5. Classical Conditioning
  6. Instrumental and Operant Conditioning
  7. The Cellular Analysis of Invertebrate Learning
  8. Issues in Invertebrate Learning

Appendix A. Sources of Background Information

Appendix B. A Directory of Selected Invertebrate Researchers




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