Modern Parliamentary Procedure

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This book simplifies the traditional complex, overly technical rules of procedure. Free of the often misleading terminology and ill-advised complications of parliamentary orthodoxy, this classic manual is entirely compatible with accepted parliamentary procedures.

Author Ray E. Keesey presents models for more efficient democratic action by modernizing parliamentary terminology; presenting a simpler, more logical classification of motions; eliminating superfluous motions; and providing valuable ideas for the prevention and handling of disruptions. Ideal for associations, clubs, student groups, and other deliberative bodies seeking flexible, effective procedural rules.

Table of Contents

Note From the Publisher

—Robert W. English



  1. The Basic Principle
  2. A Historical Sketch of Parliamentary Procedure
  3. Introduction to the Rules of Procedure
  4. Main and Ordinary Motions
  5. Special Motions
  6. Motions Not Recommended
  7. Conducting the Meeting
  8. Committees
  9. Voting
  10. Nominations and Elections
  11. Constitutions, Bylaws, and Rules

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