Emotions and Life: Perspectives From Psychology, Biology, and Evolution

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This book sheds new light on the nature and function of emotions, drawing on the latest theories in evolutionary psychology and cognitive neuroscience, as well as the older, established motivational and psychodynamic traditions. Author Robert Plutchik demonstrates the fundamental importance of emotions to all living creatures, and their crucial role in ensuring both bodily and genetic survival.

Designed as a textbook for upper level undergraduate and graduate students of psychology, this book contains useful chapter previews and summary material and is richly illustrated. Starting with an overview of some of the challenges involved in studying emotion, Plutchik discusses how thinkers such as Darwin, James, Cannon and Freud have conceptualized emotion and then describes the views of many contemporary researchers and theoreticians concerning emotions.

An accompanying online instructor's manual with a variety of study questions and teaching tips is available. Designed to reduce instructors' need for time-consuming course preparation, this guide includes interactive classroom exercises keyed to relevant chapters, emotion-related scales and tests for students to take and discuss, out-of-class project ideas, and lists of internet and video resources.

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  1. The Landscapes of Emotion
  2. Major Historical Traditions in the Study of Emotions
  3. Emotions and Cognitions
  4. The Language of Emotions
  5. Theories of Emotion
  6. The Measurement of Emotions
  7. Facial Expressions and Emotions
  8. Emotional Development
  9. Emotions and Evolution
  10. Emotion and Communication
  11. Emotions and the Brain
  12. Love and Sadness in Everyday Life
  13. Understanding Emotional Disorders


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Robert Plutchik, PhD, is professor emeritus of psychiatry and psychology at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine, as well as adjunct professor at the University of South Florida. He has taught at Columbia, Hostra, Yeshiva, and Long Island Universities and lectured widely in the United States and in many countries around the world, including New Zealand, Greece, Austria, China, Japan, Colombia, Germany, Israel, Argentina, and Canada. He spent two years at the National Institute of Mental Health participating in brain research. He has been director of Program Development and Clinical Research at the Bronx Psychiatric Center in New York City and later became associate director of the Psychiatry Department at Jacoby Hospital, an affiliate of the Albert Einstein College of Medicine

Dr. Plutchik's work is internationally recognized, and he has been invited to contribute articles on emotions to the World Book Encyclopedia; The Academic American Encyclopedia; and the International Encyclopedia of Neurology, Psychiatry, Psychoanalysis, and Psychology. He has also published several books on the subject of emotions, including Emotion: A Psychoevolutionary Synthesis; Emotion: Theory, Research, and Experience; The Psychology and Biology of Emotion; Ego Defenses, Theory, and Measurement; Circumplex Models in Personality and Emotions; and Emotions in the Practice of Psychotherapy. Dr. Plutchik has authored or coauthored over 265 articles and 46 chapters.