Handbook of Drug Use Etiology: Theory, Methods, and Empirical Findings

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The etiology of drug use represents a complex interplay of personality, genetic, environmental, and cultural influences on behavior that are difficult to dissect or treat as independent forces. Thus, research in this field has produced a host of differing theories and models to describe the factors influencing drug use. The resultant literature is impressive, yet overwhelming and often contradictory.

The Handbook of Drug Use Etiology: Theory, Methods, and Empirical Findings is the first volume to cover this dynamic field comprehensively. A roster of premiere researchers present differing theoretical perspectives and a mix of viewpoints on complex issues ranging from causation to consequences and including a rich discussion of prevention practices and how they influence policy.

The editor and contributors show the origins of the field of drug use etiology in clinical work with addicts, detail the history of the field and the numerous forces that have helped to shape its development, and examine the interaction of epidemiology and etiology. The contributors address not only the traditional factors that contribute to the prevention and cessation of drug use, such as peer pressure, community, and parenting, but also important emerging areas of study, such as genetics, race, and age. They analyze the ways in which drug use etiology links with other areas of behavioral science, and they present the implications the science holds for policy and practice.

In keeping with recent technical innovations, several chapters examine statistical modeling that can blend diverse theoretical views into a coherent explanation of drug etiology. The resulting volume is an essential resource for researchers, practitioners, and policymakers who grapple with this difficult and persisting social issue.

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