APA Educational Psychology Handbook

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3-Volume Set

• Volume 1. Theories, Constructs, and Critical Issues
• Volume 2. Individual Differences and Cultural and Contextual Factors
• Volume 3. Application to Learning and Teaching

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The APA Educational Psychology Handbook reflects the broad nature of the field today, with state-of-the-science reviews of the diverse critical theories driving research and practice; in-depth investigation of the range of individual differences and cultural/contextual factors that affect student achievement, motivation, and beliefs; and close examination of the research driving current assessment, decision making, teaching skills and content, teacher preparation, and the promotion of learning across the life span and with special populations.

  • Volume 1 addresses the definition of educational psychology, some of the most critical theories driving research and practice today, broad areas of research that educational psychology has addressed based on multiple theories and that make an important contribution to the field, and emerging and cutting-edge issues.
  • Volume 2 includes 21 chapters that examine a range of individual differences, cultural factors, and contextual factors affecting student achievement, motivation, and beliefs.
  • Volume 3 focuses on specific applications of research in educational psychology for assessment and decision making, teaching skills and content, promoting learning, and teacher preparation as well as across the life span and with special populations.
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