Practicing Feminist Ethics in Psychology

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This highly readable volume is the first to comprehensively examine how feminist values and principles illuminate ethical dilemmas commonly faced by psychologists. From a broad base of psychological practice—teaching, therapy, forensics, research, and cyberspace—the authors challenge psychologists to consider their gender and ethnic identity, their value systems, and their conception of power in their work with students, colleagues, clients, and the public. Reframing problems in ways perhaps never before considered, the book shows how a valued moral vision may be achieved through a thoughtful application of feminist principles.

Should a feminist psychologist ever testify as an expert witness on behalf of a man who admittedly batters his wife? How does a professor's expectations that her predominantly white students examine their experience of "whiteness" bring into relief both sexist and racist assumptions and the power dynamics between student and teacher? How deep is the conflict between respect for the vulnerabilities of research participants and the need for deception in psychological experiments, when considered in light of one's own personal experience with deception? While these and other ethical issues can never be resolved totally, this book provides real guidance in the context of real life. Together, the chapters help the reader to move beyond "social justice noise" to achieving social justice through ethical conduct in psychology.

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—Mary M. Brabeck and Kathleen Ting

  1. Feminist Ethics: Lenses for Examining Ethical Psychological Practice
    —Mary M. Brabeck and Kathleen Ting
  2. Reconceptualizing Responsibilities to Students: A Feminist Perspective
    —Karen Strohm Kitchener
  3. Antiracist Pedagogy in the University: The Ethical Challenges of Making Whiteness Public
    —Alice McIntyre
  4. Feminist Ethical Considerations in Forensic Practice
    —Laura S. Brown
  5. Feminist Ethics in the Practice of Science: The Contested Memory Controversy as an Example
    —Jennifer J. Freyd and Kathryn Quina
  6. Relational Ethics in Psychological Research: One Feminist's Journey
    —Celia B. Fisher
  7. Feminist Cyberethics
    —Kathryn Quina and David L. Miller
  8. Teaching as Transformation: Resolving Ethical Dilemmas in Feminist Pedagogy
    —Judith Worrell and Danielle R. Oakley
  9. Ethical Issues in Using Self-Disclosure in Feminist Therapy
    —James R. Mahalick, E. Alice Van Omar, and Nicole L. Simi
  10. The Integration of Feminism and Multiculturalism: Ethical Dilemmas at the Border
    —Elizabeth E. Sparks and Aileen H. Park
  11. Hate Speech or Freedom of Expression? Balancing Autonomy and Feminist Ethics in a Pluralistic Society
    —Melba J. T. Vasquez and Cynthia de las Fuentes
  12. Epilogue: Feminist Visions and Virtues of Ethical Psychological Practice
    —Naomi M. Meara and Jeanne D. Day

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Mary Brabeck…offers here a dozen articles which explore the ethical dilemmas raised by bringing to bear feminist concerns upon traditional modes of psychological practice. The book is a useful road map for exploring topics ranging from forensic practice and hate speech to the extent to which feminists should disclose details of their personal lives and political concerns to their students and counselees.
—Edward A. Kent