Ethics in HIV-Related Psychotherapy: Clinical Decision Making in Complex Cases

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Perhaps no other population exposes the clinician to more moral and legal dilemmas than working with HIV positive clients. What does the therapist do about the HIV+ client who is having sex with unnamed partners and refuses to stop? What should be said in end-of-life issues? What of the adolescent who is HIV+ but whose guardian does not wish the youth informed of his status? The questions are clearly practical but the published literature tends to be theoretical and offers little in the way of down-to-earth advice.

While no book can provide absolute answers to such questions, this volume provides a practical decision-making model. It begins with an overview of the most common ethical dilemmas that are encountered in HIV-related psychotherapy and discusses the degree of risk of legal malpractice and how to reduce this risk. Then ten diverse case studies are presented that highlight common ethical conflicts. Each case study includes comments from an ethicist and an attorney. The power of the decision-making model, the realistic depiction of the cases, and the cutting-edge nature of the ethical issues described make the volume ideal not only for seasoned therapists but also for graduate ethics courses in psychology, counseling, social work, and related mental health professions.

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