Setting Standards in Graduate Education: Psychology's Commitment to Excellence in Accreditation

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Setting Standards in Graduate Education traces the history of accreditation of programs in psychology, from the late 1940s to the turn of the century. In doing so, this volume puts accreditation into focus, examining the challenges of coming to consensus with a variety of groups, each one having its own definition of excellence.

This comprehensive book highlights the developmental stages of accreditation in psychology from its initiation to its current status, while also suggesting potential changes and challenges in its future. Accreditation experts analyze such topics as the development of accreditation activities for graduate education programs and accreditation in internship and post-graduate training. There is an emphasis in all of the chapters to define the influence of accreditation activities on the practitioner community and their reciprocal attempts to provide input to accreditation.

Chapters are supplemented with personal accounts of accreditation as told by those who witnessed its dramatic development over time. The personal, political, and archival information presented makes this a stimulating resource for those interested in the history of accreditation and psychology in general.

Table of Contents



—Elizabeth M. Altmaier

  1. Accreditation in Psychology and Public Accountability
    —Paul D. Nelson and Laura C. Messenger
  2. The History of Accreditation of Doctoral Programs in Psychology
    —Elizabeth M. Altmaier
  3. The History of Accreditation of Internship Programs and Postdoctoral Residencies
    —Cynthia D. Belar and Nadine Kaslow
  4. The Impact of Accreditation on the Practice of Professional Psychology
    —Tommy T. Stigall
  5. The Future of Accreditation
    —Deborah C. Beidel, Susan D. Phillips, and Susan Zlotlow

Introduction to the Appendixes
—Jason Kanz

  1. Excerpt From Loyal Crane's Plea for the Training of Psychologists, 1925
  2. Excerpt From "Graduate Internship Training in Psychology," 1945
  3. Excerpt From "Recommended Graduate Training Program in Clinical Psychology," 1947
  4. Excerpt From "Criteria for Evaluating Progress in Clinical or in Counseling Psychology," 1958
  5. Letters From Donald Marquis to Directors of Graduate Study at the Office of Psychological Personnel, 1945; David Wolfle to Robert Sears, 1946; and Robert Sears to the Committee on Graduate and Professional Training, 1946
  6. Excerpt From V. C. Raimy's "Accreditation of Training Universities" in Training in Clinical Psychology, 1950
  7. Accrediting Procedures of the American Psychological Association, 1970
  8. Report of the Joint Council on Professional Education in Psychology, 1990
  9. Listed Members of the Committee on Accreditation, Past and Present
  10. List of Conferences on Accreditation
  11. James McKeen Cattell's "Retrospect: Psychology as a Profession," 1937


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