Is Psychology the Major for You?: Planning for Your Undergraduate Years

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Copyright: 1987
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This volume is designed to help undergraduate students decide whether a degree in psychology would be valuable in preparing for the career they wish to pursue. Information is provided on how to decide on psychology as a major, the variety of careers available, how to make use of career counseling, how to find a job, and how to survive as a newly hired employee. Is Psychology the Major for You? is a useful tool for faculty advisors, career counselors, and others in the position to direct students in their search for an undergraduate major.

Table of Contents


A Word on How This Volume Was Written


Introduction: What Are 40,000 Psychology Majors Going to Do Next Year?
—Leonard D. Goodstein

I. Is Psychology For You?

  1. Psychology, Your Major, and You
    —Paula Sachs Wise
  2. How to Decide on a Major
    —Patricia W. Lunneborg
  3. Selecting Psychology As Your College Major
    —Bernardo J. Carducci, Richard M. Suinn and Paula Sachs Wise
  4. Life as a Psychology Major
    —Charles S. Wilkinson

II. Psychology and Career Preparation

  1. Building a Bridge Between Two Worlds: Study and Work
    —Thomas F. Hilton
  2. What Is Important to Graduate Schools and to Employers When Considering Applicants?
    —John Edwards, James A. Eison and Kerry Smith-Bandy
  3. At Your Service: The Career Placement Center
    —Bernardo J. Carducci and Marilyn S. Walters

III. Psychology Majors In The Workplace: Traditional and Unconventional Careers

  1. Are You Interested In a Business Career?
    —Bernardo J. Carducci
  2. Human Factors Careers In High Tech
    —H. McIlvaine Parsons
  3. What About a Career In Law?
    —Elizabeth V. Swenson
  4. Emerging and Unconventional Careers For Psychology Majors
    —Michael J. Zeller
  5. Occupational Trends Of Psychology Majors
    —Frank E. Fulkerson, Robert S. Harper, Gene F. Smith and Paula Sachs Wise

IV. Presenting Yourself to Employers

  1. The Résumé, Cover Letter, and Interview
    —Bruce R. Fretz
  2. The Qualifications Brief
    —Vicki M. Wilson

V. Beyond The Bachelor's Degree

  1. Three Keys to Graduate Psychology
    —Patricia W. Lunneborg, Vicki M. Wilson
  2. A Survival Manual For New Hires
    —Judith Waters, Justina Ayers and Benjamin Drew

VI. Issues Of Interest to Special Groups

  1. Women In Psychology
    —Diana M. Zuckerman and Patricia W. Lunneborg
  2. American Indians and Alaska Natives In Psychology
    —Damian A. McShane
  3. Asian Americans In Psychology
    —Richard M. Suinn
  4. Blacks In Psychology
    —James M. Jones
  5. Hispanics In Psychology
    —Richard C. Cervantes
  6. Reentry Of Men and Women In Psychology
    —Patricia W. Lunneborg
  7. Resources
    —Paul J. Woods and Charles S. Wilkinson