Is Psychology for Them?: A Guide to Undergraduate Advising

Edited by Paul J. Woods
Pages: 197
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ISBN: 978-1-55798-019-9
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Copyright: 1988
Format: Softcover


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Published to help those individuals who advise and counsel students in academic and career subjects, Is Psychology for Them? focuses on a number of issues including career preparation, curricula, employment options, and new methods of student advisement being used at selected universities. It also contains information to assist advisors in assessing student interests, initiating student assessment, guiding students toward a focused curriculum, and improving the general advisement program.

Table of Contents


A Word on How This Volume Was Written


How to Use This Book

I. Is Psychology the Major For Them? Initiating Goal Assessment

  1. Helping Students Choose Careers in Psychology
    —Paula Sachs Wise
  2. How to Help Students Decide if Psychology is the Major For Them
    —Patricia W. Lunneborg
  3. Selecting Psychology as a Major: Some Practical Considerations
    —Bernardo J. Carducci

II. Surveys of the Psychology Major: Goals, Curricula, Employment

  1. Thirty Years of Psychology Majors
    —Robert S. Harper
  2. Occupations of Psychology Alumni: A Comparison of Three Surveys
    —Frank E. Fulkerson, Paula S. Wise, and Gene F. Smith
  3. "Would You Major in Psychology Again?"
    —Patricia W. Lunneborg and Vicki M. Wilson
  4. The Undergraduate Psychology Major: A 10-Year Follow-Up Survey
    —Harry J. Parker, John J. Hedl, Jr., and Fong Chan

III. Advising the Psychology Major: Reports on Career Preparation, Counseling, and Development Options

  1. A Liberal Education
    —John K. Bare
  2. Teaching Critical Thinking at the Undergraduate Level: A Golden Opportunity Worth Its Weight in Gold
    —John J. Furedy
  3. Integrating Conflicting Needs in Curriculum Planning: Advice to Faculty
    —Judith Waters, Benjamin Drew, and Justina Ayers
  4. Assessing Psychology Majors' Career Advising Needs
    —Patricia W. Lunneborg
  5. The Professional Seminar: A New Method For Student Advisement
    —Henry J. Oles and Robert G. Cooper, Jr.
  6. Teaching and Evaluating a Career Development Course For Psychology Majors
    —Mark E. Ware
  7. The Professional Psychologist: A Course Designed to Introduce Students to the Profession of Psychology
    —Stephen F. Davis
  8. Field Experience For Undergraduate Psychology Students
    —Barbara C. Jessen
  9. Developing Job-Search Skills: A Training Program For Psychology Majors
    —Janet Burke and Joan B. Cannon

IV. Psychology Majors in the Workplace and School

  1. "How Can I Get Into Graduate School, and What Do I Do if I Want a Job?"
    —James A. Eison
  2. Basic Interest Areas as a Guide to Undergraduate Preparation For Employment
    —Keith T. Checketts and Blaine R. Worthen
  3. What Skills and Knowledge Do Potential Employers Value in Baccalaureate Psychologists?
    —John Edwards and Kerry Smith
  4. Beyond the Bachelor's Degree
    —Vicki M. Wilson and Patricia W. Lunneborg

V. Preparing the Psychology Major For Specific Careers

  1. The Psychology Major as Biofeedback Therapist
    —Avie James Rainwater III
  2. Employment in Human Service Agencies Located in Rural Areas
    —Frank J. Prerost
  3. Building a Human Service Training Component Into the Psychology Major
    —John R. Shack
  4. Undergraduate Preparation For a Career in Human Factors
    —Daryle Jean Gardner-Bonneau
  5. Psychology and Modern Technology
    —H. McIlvaine Parsons
  6. A Survey of Graduates From a Psychology Technician Certificate Program
    —Carol J. Erdwins
  7. Employment of Bachelor's-Level Psychology Technicians in the Veterans Administration
    —Edward J. Jordan, Jr.
  8. The Psychology Major as Preparation For Legal Studies and the Legal Profession
    —Elizabeth V. Swenson

VI. Issues of Interest to Specific Groups

  1. Career Issues and Problems For Women
    —Patricia W. Lunneborg
  2. Women in Psychology: Who Are They, and Where Are They Going?
    —Diana M. Zuckerman
  3. Becoming a Psychologist: A Challenge For American Indian Students
    —Damian A. McShane
  4. Asian Americans and Psychology
    —Richard M. Suinn
  5. Why Should Black Undergraduate Students Major in Psychology?
    —James M. Jones
  6. Hispanics in Psychology
    —Richard C. Cervantes
  7. Reentry of Women and Men in Psychology
    —Patricia W. Lunneborg



  1. Titles of Jobs in Human Services For Students With a Bachelor's Degree in Psychology
    —Michael J. Zeller
  2. Guidelines For Preparing a Student Advisement Handbook