Handbook for Enhancing Undergraduate Education in Psychology

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This handbook is an excellent resource tool for faculty development. It contains contributions from such renowned experts in the field of educational psychology as: Cynthia Baum, Charles L. Brewer, Bruce R. Fretz, Diane F. Halpern, Virginia Andreoli Mathie, Antonio E. Puente, Mark E. Ware, and Wayne Weiten. In addition to the contributors to this handbook, there are over 60 diverse and prominent individuals whose work in educational psychology has been vital to this publication, including Ludy T. Benjamin, Jr., Christine Iijima Hall, Richard Kasschau, Wilbert McKeachie, Kathryn Quina, Pamela Reid, Richard Suinn, and Carole Wade.

Handbook for Enhancing Undergraduate Education in Psychology deals with topics such as: curriculum assessment, student advising, faculty development and networking, ethnic minority recruitment and retention, and transforming undergraduate psychology for the 21st century.

Table of Contents



I. Establishing the Framework

  • Introduction
    —Thomas V. McGovern
  • Principles for Quality Undergraduate Psychology Programs
    —Cynthia Baum, Ludy T. Benjamin, Jr., Douglas Bernstein, Andrew B. Crider, Jane Halonen, J. Roy Hopkins, Thomas V. McGovern, Wilbert J. McKeachie, Barbara Nodine, Pamela T. Reid, Richard Suinn, and Carole Wade

II. Examining Critical Areas

  1. Targeting Outcomes: Covering Your Assessment Concerns and Needs
    —Diane F. Halpern, in collaboration with Drew C. Appleby, Susan E. Beers, Catharine L. Cowan, John J. Furedy, Jane S. Halonen, Carrell P. Horton, Blaine F. Peden, and David J. Pittenger
  2. Developing and Improving Advising: Challenges to Prepare Students for Life
    —Mark E. Ware, in collaboration with Nancy A. Busch-Rossnagel, Andrew B. Crider, Lisa Gray-Shellberg, Karyn Hale, Margaret A. Lloyd, Eduardo Rivera-Medina, and Joseph A. Sgro
  3. Toward a Psychology of Variance: Increasing the Presence and Understanding of Ethnic Minorities in Psychology
    —Antonio E. Puente, in collaboration with Evelyn Blanch, Douglas K. Candland, Florence L. Denmark, Carol Laman, Neil Lutsky, Pamela T. Reid, and R. Steven Schiavo
  4. The Compleat Scholar: Faculty Development for Those Who Teach Psychology
    —Bruce R. Fretz, in collaboration with Antoine M. Garibaldi, Laraine M. Glidden, Wilbert J. McKeachie, John N. Moritsugu, Kathryn Quina, Jill N. Reich, and Barbara Sholley
  5. From Isolation to Community: Increasing Communication and Collegiality Among Psychology Teachers
    —Wayne Weiten, in collaboration with Stephen F. Davis, Jane A. Jegerski, Richard A. Kasschau, K. Bates Mandel, and Carole Wade
  6. Curriculum
    —Charles L. Brewer, in collaboration with J. Roy Hopkins, Gregory A. Kimble, Margaret W. Matlin, Lee I. McCann, Ogretta V. McNeil, Barbara F. Nodine, Virginia Nichols Quinn, and Saundra
  7. Promoting Active Learning in Psychology Courses
    —Virginia Andreoli Mathie, in collaboration with Barney Beins, Ludy T. Benjamin, Jr., Martha M. Ewing, Christine C. Iijima Hall, Bruce Henderson, Dale W. McAdam, and Randolph A. Smith

III. Conclusion

  • Transforming Undergraduate Psychology for the Next Century
    —Thomas V. McGovern


  1. Steering Committee Members
  2. Conference Participants
  3. Conference Site
  4. Recommendations From the APA National Conference on Enhancing the Quality of Undergraduate Education in Psychology


About the Editor

Editor Bio

Thomas V. McGovern received his AB in theology from Fordham University in 1970 and his PhD in counseling psychology from Southern Illinois University at Carbondale in 1976. After joining the faculty of Virginia Commonwealth University in 1976, he became director of Undergraduate Studies and associate chair of the Department of Psychology.

He received the University Distinguished Teaching Award and the Riese Melton Award for the Advancement of Cross-Cultural Relationships. In 1986, he was named to the Provost's Office staff as the director of Undergraduate Curriculum Projects, administering the university assessment program and a faculty development program on teaching and learning in general education courses.

In 1990, McGovern joined the faculty at Arizona State University West, where he is professor of psychology and coordinator of Integrative Studies, an interdisciplinary baccalaureate program for returning adult students. He teaches the courses Adult Career Development, Moral Dilemmas, and the Group Research Project, which is the required, capstone course for the program.

He is the co-principal investigator of a grant from the Commission on National and Community Service, which enables working parents to attend the university while their elementary school youngsters receive tutoring and participate in academic enhancement activities and cultural programs on campus.

He is an APA Fellow, and he most recently chaired the APA National Conference on Enhancing the Quality of Undergraduate Education in Psychology (1991) and the joint APA and Association of American Colleges (AAC) Project on Liberal Learning, Study in Depth, and the Arts and Sciences Major (1991).

He is a consulting editor for the journal Teaching of Psychology and an active consultant to universities and to departments on assessment, curriculum, and faculty development initiatives.