This book is out of print and no longer for sale. However, a second edition is available.

In this book, several psychologists who have achieved great success in a variety of areas discuss their work: what got them into it, what they like and don't like about it, what a typical work week is like in their chosen specialty. These psychologists offer advice, information, and the inspiration of their own career paths. They speak frankly about salaries and job opportunities, and about what it takes to make it in their field. Among the careers discussed are the following:

  • school psychology
  • community psychology
  • consumer psychology
  • private practice
  • industrial/organizational psychology
  • counseling psychology
  • clinical psychology in hospitals
  • human factors psychology
  • military psychology
  • psychology in academic careers
  • health psychology
  • consumer psychology

Career Paths in Psychology is the ideal guide for anyone contemplating a career in psychology: students, recent graduates, career-changers, or psychologists looking for new challenges.

Table of Contents

List of Contributors



I. Academic Careers

  1. Teaching, Research, and More: Psychologists in an Academic Career
    —Henry L. Roediger III
  2. Learning About Learning: Psychologists in Schools of Education
    —Robert Calfee
  3. Teaching the Managers of Tomorrow: Psychologists in Business Schools
    —Victor H. Vroom

II. Careers in Clinical, Counseling, and Community Psychology

  1. Psychologists in Private Practice
    —Jeffrey Young and Marjorie E. Weishaar
  2. Emphasizing Strengths: Counseling Psychologists
    —Kathleen L. Davis
  3. Reaching Out: Community Psychologists
    —Ira Iscoe
  4. Treating, Teaching, and Training: Clinical Psychologists in Hospitals
    —Billie S. Strauss

III. Careers in Diverse Organizations

  1. Rewards of Public Service: Research Psychologists in the Government
    —Douglas Herrmann
  2. Pathways to Change and Development: The Life of a School Psychologist
    —Stephen F. Poland
  3. Improving the Workplace: Industrial/Organizational Psychology as a Career
    —Mary L. Tenopyr
  4. Why We Buy What We Buy: Consulting in Consumer Psychology
    —Anne E. Beall and Ted W. Allen

IV. Careers in Diverse Areas of Psychology

  1. Designing for Human Use: Human-Factors Psychologists
    —Raymond S. Nickerson
  2. Defense of the Nation: Military Psychologists
    —Martin F. Wiskoff
  3. Health Psychology: Where Psychology, Biology, and Social Factors Intersect
    —Kelly D. Brownell and Peter Salovey

Epilogue: Preparing for a Career in Psychology
—Robert J. Sternberg


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