Violence Against Children in the Family and the Community

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Children in the United States experience violence in many forms. They are the victims of physical and sexual abuse within their families, they witness battering of and by their parents, and they experience or witness violence in their schools and communities. Poor children are especially at risk for experiencing these forms of violence. Recently, considerable research has accumulated documenting the psychological impact of such violence on children's development.

Violence Against Children in the Family and the Community brings together in one volume the latest findings from researchers on violence, with the aim of integrating findings and pointing out gaps in our knowledge that future research will need to address. The book also describes promising interventions that have helped children already damaged by violence and suggests strategies for preventing violence before it occurs.

The book is divided into five sections that cover developmental consequences, causes, interventions, prevention, and future research and public policy issues. This richly documented volume will be an indispensable resource for developmental psychologists, violence researchers, social workers, and policy makers.

Table of Contents



—Penelope K. Trickett and Cynthia J. Schellenbach

I. The Developmental Consequences of Violence Against Children

  1. Dangerous Behavior and Dangerous Contexts: A 35-Year Perspective on Research on the Developmental Effects of Child Physical Abuse
    —Patricia McKinsey Crittenden
  2. Developmental Consequences of Child Sexual Abuse
    —Penelope K. Trickett and Frank W. Putnam
  3. Effects of Domestic Violence on Children
    —Gayla Margolin
  4. Community Violence and Child Development: A Review of Research
    —John L. Horn and Penelope K. Trickett

II. Causes of Different Forms of Violence Against Children

  1. Individual and Family Characteristics Associated With Intrafamilial Child Physical and Sexual Abuse
    —Joel S. Milner
  2. Violence Within the Neighborhood and Community
    —Susan P. Limber and Maury A. Nation
  3. Societal Causes of Violence Against Children
    —Patrick H. Tolan and Nancy Guerra

III. Ameliorating Negative Developmental Consequences:Effective Intervention Strategies

  1. Treatment and Intervention for Child Victims of Violence
    —David Kolko
  2. Child Maltreatment: A Critical Review of Research on Treatment for Physically Abusive Parents
    —Cynthia J. Schellenbach
  3. Aggression in the Schools: Toward Reducing Ethnic Conflict and Enhancing Ethnic Understanding
    —Norma D. Feshbach and Seymour Feshbach
  4. Neighborhood-Based Programs
    —James Garbarino, Kathleen Kostelney, and Frank Barry

IV. Preventing the Different Forms of Violence Against Children

  1. Child Sexual Abuse Prevention Programs That Target Young Children
    —N. Dickon Reppucci, Deborah Land, and Jeffrey J. Haugaard
  2. Windows for Preventing Child and Partner Abuse: Early Childhood and Adolescence
    —Christine Wekerle and David A. Wolfe
  3. Preventing Youth Violence Through Research-Guided Intervention
    —Ronald G. Slaby
  4. Prevention of Violence at the Societal Level
    —Diane J. Willis and Jane Silovsky

V. Advancing Knowledge and Effectiveness

  1. Integrating and Advancing the Knowledge Base About Violence Against Children: Implications for Intervention and Prevention
    —Penelope K. Trickett, LaRue Allen, Cynthia J. Schellenbach, and Edward F. Zigler
  2. Evaluation Research on Violence Interventions: Issues and Strategies for Design
    —Patrick H. Tolan and C. Hendricks Brown
  3. Public Policy Applications of Research on Violence and Children
    —Judith C. Meyers and Brian L. Wilcox

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