Stress in Policing

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In Stress in Policing, psychologist Hans Toch makes the daily challenges, joys, and frustrations of police work come alive. Told in candid and uncensored interviews, the realities of "keeping the peace" reveal sources of sustenance and stress that are often contrary to popular wisdom. Given that today's police force is increasingly diverse, race and gender issues are shown to be sources of stress. However, the dangers on the street are far less stressful than departmental politics and top-down management practices.

The book combines both qualitative and quantitative methods in which police officers, aided by Toch and his research team, designed and conducted their own survey of the rewards and stresses of the job. This innovative method of study identified not only problems but also significant organizational changes that could lead to enhanced job satisfaction. Toch's gentle probing provides new insights into the often misunderstood world of the law-enforcement officer and challenges departmental administrators to find creative ways of initiating institutional reform.

Table of Contents




  1. Introduction
  2. An Inside View of Police Work
  3. Occupational Stress
  4. Gender, Age, and Family Stress
  5. Perceptions of Conflict and Discrimination
  6. Data Feedback Sessions
  7. Actualization and Stress
  8. Critical-Incident Stress
  9. Retrospect



  1. Letter to Officers
  2. Questionnaire
  3. Responses to Questionnaire


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