Perspectivism in Social Psychology: The Yin and Yang of Scientific Progress

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William J. McGuire is considered one of the pioneers of social cognition. His work has helped unify the scientific study of the topic, and his dynamic theory of thought systems integrates areas of attitude change, language, stereotyping, ideology, and political psychology. McGuire's perspectivist meta-theory, which provides dozens of heuristics and guiding principles for creativity and the rigorous assessment of hypotheses, has shaped social cognition and its sub-fields.

In this volume, a diverse group of leading social psychologists explores topics important to McGuire's work: the concept of self, language and social cognition, political ideology, the history of social psychology, and contextualist philosophy of science. Each chapter delivers a perspectivist analysis of the questions central to the authors' own area of study. As a result, new and emerging agendas for social cognition have emerged, united under the theme of perspectivist methodology and the study of thought systems. Like McGuire's own work, chapters balance the scientific components of theory, methodology, and empirical data.

This provocative volume of essays illustrates the broad influence of McGuire's theories and methodologies and will serve as an important catalyst for future research in social cognition.

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