The Generative Society: Caring for Future Generations

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Adult individuals in all societies have long understood the need for generativity—concern for and commitment to caring for the next generation. The need for generative action is particularly critical now given the societal and global threats that we face in the first years of the twenty-first century.

Building upon Erikson's groundbreaking developmental model that first propelled the construct of "generativity versus stagnation" into mainstream consciousness, The Generative Society examines this critical stage of development that occurs during the "long middle" of adulthood, as it exists on societal and cultural levels. This volume's diverse group of eminent scholars explores the complex relationships between generativity and various societies' political, economic, religious, educational, and cultural arenas. Integrating empirical research, scientific and cultural theory, and their own informed observations and speculations regarding generativity in society, the volume that results is a rich and stimulating exchange about the multifaceted role of generativity in human life and in society.

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