Temporal Matters in Social Psychology: Examining the Role of Time in the Lives of Groups and Individuals

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In Temporal Matters in Social Psychology, authors Joseph E. McGrath and Franziska Tschan explore and ponder the many ways in which temporal matters affect how individuals, groups, and larger collectives behave. In interesting and delightful discussions, the authors examine how people conceptualize time and live within prescribed and personal timeframes. They also investigate how time is measured and enters into social psychological phenomena at multiples levels, in different functional roles, and as different types of processes. Chapters cover how temporal factors play a fundamental and often overlooked role in many key methodological areas of psychology, including causality, internal and external validity, comparisons of empirical information gained by different research strategies, and theories of measurement and error.

Readers will gain from this engaging volume an enriched understanding of temporal processes and will be inspired to make time part of future theories and scientific endeavors.

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