Team Cognition: Understanding the Factors That Drive Process and Performance

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Given the increased reliance on teams in many organizational settings, it is critical that all those who are interested in improving training and performance better understand team dynamics. During the past decade, cognitive science has substantially influenced the study of team performance and has helped develop the field of team cognition. The contributors to this volume describe the many ways in which team cognition is being used as an organizing framework to guide research into factors that affect team coordination.

Nowadays, team cognition must be considered not only within "conventional" teams, but also across time and space in distributed teams, and—because of increased use of artificial team members (e.g., intelligent agents)—across people and machines. All of these complicating factors are considered, along with methodological issues that surround the process of measuring and defining team cognition.

The unique blend of theory and data in this multidisciplinary book will be of value to psychologists and academics interested in cognition and organizational behavior, to team researchers and practitioners in industry and the military, and to graduate students interested in group processes and performance.

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