Racial Identity in Context: The Legacy of Kenneth B. Clark

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Racial Identity in Context: The Legacy of Kenneth B. Clark is both a tribute to and an evaluation of the work and legacy of Kenneth B. Clark, the psychologist whose groundbreaking studies on racial identity helped shape the momentous Brown v. Board of Education decision in 1954. Clark's seminal work serves as the springboard for the contributors' discussion of the role of racial identity in the on-going struggle for equality for African Americans.

The progress toward racial equality notwithstanding, race continues to define the culture of the United States, keeping its citizens from developing the just society envisioned by Clark and his contemporaries. This volume provides a dialogue among prominent African American as well as non-African American psychologists on this sensitive and polemical issue.

Contributors first discuss Clark's life and work and then explore the creation of racial identity and the current need to transform that identity in the face of enduring discrimination and the barrage of negative racial images in our culture.

This powerful book examines the barriers, both psychological and social, that need to be removed before fulfilling the hopeful vision of Clark's work.

Table of Contents




  1. Introduction: Race as a Defining Feature of American Culture
    —Gina Philogène

I. The Impact of Kenneth B. Clark: Then and Now

Introduction: Visions of Democracy and Equality
—Gina Philogène

  1. Kenneth B. Clark and Social Psychology's Other History
    —Frances Cherry
  2. Racial Integration Today: Revisiting Kenneth B. Clark's Vision
    —Thomas F. Pettigrew

II. Racial Identity

Introduction: Creating an Identity: An Analysis of Kenneth B. Clark's Influence on the Psychology of Identity
—Linwood J. Lewis

  1. Kenneth B. Clark's Context and Mine: Toward a Context-Based Theory of Social Identity Threat
    —Claude M. Steele
  2. The Role of Racial Identity in Managing Daily Racial Hassles
    —Enrique W. Neblett Jr., J. Nicole Shelton, and Robert M. Sellers
  3. Choosing a Name as Filter for Group Identity
    —Gina Philogène

III. Racism and Its Cultural Manifestations

Introduction: Resilience and Self-Esteem in African Americans
—Ferdinand Jones

  1. The Power of Perception: Skin Tone Bias and Psychological Well-Being for Black Americans
    —Kendrick T. Brown
  2. "I Can, but Do I Want To? Achievement Values in Ethnic Minority Children and Adolescents
    —Sandra Graham
  3. The Interactive Nature of Sex and Race Discrimination: A Social Dominance Perspective
    —Hillary Haley, Jim Sidanius, Brian Lowery, and Neil Malamuth
  4. TRIOS: A Model for Coping With the Universal Context of Racism
    —James M. Jones

IV. Our Common Destiny

Introduction: The Context of Culture
—Barbara Schecter

  1. Immigration and the Color Line
    —Kay Deaux
  2. Interobjectivity and the Enigma of Third-Order Change
    —Fathali M. Moghaddam

V. Conclusion

  1. The American Psychological Association's Response to Brown v. Board of Education: The Case of Kenneth B. Clark.
    —Ludy T. Benjamin Jr. and Ellen M. Grouse

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