A Beginner's Guide to the MMPI-2, Second Edition

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Copyright: 2005
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James N. Butcher has updated his popular book A Beginner's Guide To The MMPI-2. Like the first, this edition provides a readable but thorough introduction to the Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory Revised (MMPI-2), the most widely researched and broadly used personality assessment instrument. This primer, written by one of the authors of the MMPI-2, will be useful for nonpsychologist professionals who need a quick overview of the test, as well as for students of clinical and personality assessment who seek a reliable introductory text.

In clear and nontechnical language, Butcher explains how the test was developed to describe and predict behavior in a range of clinical settings. He also describes the various scales on the MMPI-2, as well as strategies for drawing information from them. The book is generously illustrated with case material so that readers can acquire a practical understanding of the test. A chapter that demonstrates how to integrate scale interpretations into a clinical evaluation and communicate the results through a written report is also included.

The revised edition contains updated descriptions of the scales and describes and illustrates several new measures. The case illustrations have been expanded to help readers better understand the test interpretation process. Information about procedures and issues in the assessment of minorities was also broadened.

No other resource offers such an accessible and comprehensive explanation of the MMPI-2 for those new to psychometric testing and its clinical applications.

Table of Contents



  1. A Well-Traveled Path: MMPI Use and Administration
  2. To Believe or Not to Believe, That is the Question: Assessing MMPI–2 Test Result Validity
  3. A Bond With the Past: The MMPI–2 Basic Clinical Scales
  4. The Analysis of Complex Cases: Code-Type Interpretation
  5. The Content Scales: An Assessment of Client Content Themes
  6. The MMPI–2 Supplemental Scales: An Appraisal of Special Problems
  7. Putting it All Together: How To Interpret a Profile and Organize Test Inferences
  8. Using The MMPI–2 in Clinical Cases from Diverse Settings
  9. The Report: Documenting the Results of MMPI–2 Evaluations

Appendix A: Correlates of Selected MMPI–2 Code Types

Appendix B: Selected References for the MMPI–2




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There are certainly other good MMPI-2 books on the market but this one is probably one of the best in introducing the topic. It really delivers what it promises.
—Doody Enterprises, Inc.