Homophobia and the Law

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Homosexuals have been and still are targets of discrimination in multiple spheres of life. Homophobia and the Law examines the major junctures at which the lives of gay and lesbian people intersect with the law. It looks at the stereotypes that comprise homophobia, how they operate under different areas of the law, and the ways in which they impede gays' and lesbians' basic rights and entitlements. The major areas covered include marriage, children, work, and death.

Interweaving discussions of relevant legal cases and authorities with studies in psychology and sociology, Ronner deftly details areas of family, employment, and constitutional law and shows readers the often adverse impact they have on the daily lives of homosexuals. Through the use of therapeutic jurisprudence, the study of the law as a therapeutic agent, the author analyzes the law's approach to problems affecting homosexuals and identifies the psychological message that legislators and courts ultimately communicate. The result is a valuable resource for providing useful information to lawyers and others working with homosexuals about how to counsel and empower same-sex couples.

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