Study Strategies for Lifelong Learning

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What's the difference between studying hard and studying smart? Why do some "good" students do so poorly on homework and tests? What instruction methods will encourage students to take a more active role in their learning?

Richly illustrated with inventive teaching activities and lively vignettes, this volume answers those questions with an empirically-validated and classroom-tested model of strategic learning. The chapters lay out he various kinds of knowledge and strategies necessary for lifelong learning and the cognitive processes that underlie them. This inclusive model of learning can be used in the context of everyday teaching with any subject matter.

Table of Contents



  • Student Example: Juliet
  • Student Example: Ramon
  • Overview of the Book
  • Statement of Rationale and Goals

Goal 1: Defining Strategic Learning

  • What is a Strategic Learner?
  • The Skill Domain
  • Suggested Readings

Goal 2: Understanding the Categories and Characteristics of Learning Strategies

  • Rehearsal Strategies for Basic Learning Tasks
  • Rehearsal Strategies for Complex Learning Tasks
  • Elaboration Strategies for Basic Learning Tasks
  • Elaboration Strategies for Complex Learning Tasks
  • Organizational Strategies for Basic Learning Tasks
  • Organizational Strategies for Complex Learning Tasks
  • Declarative, Procedural, and Conditional Knowledge About Strategies
  • Pre-, During-, & Posttask Strategies
  • Suggested Readings

Goal 3: Understanding How to Teach Learning and Study Strategies

  • Three Categories of Teaching Methods
  • Helping Students Approach Learning Systematically
  • Facilitating Student Awareness of the Five Types of Knowledge
  • Suggested Readings

Goal 4: Helping Students Develop a Repertoire of Strategies

  • Assessing Students' Learning Strategies
  • A Systematic Approach to Learning
  • Strategic Planning: A Project to Facilitate Systematic Strategy Use
  • Other Related Variables That Will Affect the Learning and Performance Outcomes
  • Checking Back With Juliet and Ramon
  • Suggested Readings

Final Review

  • Outline of Key Ideas



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