Unity in Psychology: Possibility or Pipedream?

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Psychology is becoming an increasingly specialized but fragmented field. Forces within psychology and society at-large have tended to push psychologists apart. It will take a concerted belief in the importance of unity to combat these forces and mend psychology's splintering image.

Unity in Psychology: Possibility or Pipedream? examines the opportunities for psychologists to come together and unify. A distinguished group of contributors share their common belief that, at some level, the fragmentation of psychology is a mistake. There is a "cure," namely, an approach that emphasizes studying psychological phenomena from a variety of different perspectives. There is nothing new in this idea. On the contrary, it has been around for many years. Williams James certainly was a unified psychologist!

Unity in Psychology: Possibility or Pipedream? will provoke psychologists to examine the forces that define the field and take an active role in shaping the future.

Table of Contents




  1. Unifying the Field of Psychology
    —Robert J. Sternberg
  2. Unification Through Diversity
    —Florence L. Denmark and Herbert H. Krauss
  3. Case-Based Studies as a Source of Unity in Applied Psychology
    —Daniel B. Fishman and Stanley B. Messer
  4. The American Psychological Association and the Search for Unity in Psychology
    —Raymond D. Fowler and Merry Bullock
  5. Scientific Psychology: Should We Bury It or Praise It?
    —Howard Gardner
  6. Paradigm Lost, Paradigm Regained: Toward Unity in Psychology
    —Gregory A. Kimble
  7. Unification of Professional Psychology Through Social Relevance
    —Ronald F. Levant
  8. Paradigms, Narratives, and Pluralism in Undergraduate Psychology
    —Thomas V. McGovern and Charles L. Brewer
  9. Unification in Theory and Method: Possibilities and Impossibilities
    —Joseph F. Rychlak
  10. A Road to, and Philosophy of, Unification
    —Arthur W. Staats


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This volume is a decidedly pertinent resource for coursework in the history and foundations of psychology. Highly recommended.
—CHOICE Magazine