Imagery in Psychotherapy

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Effective psychodynamic and cognitive–behavioral approaches to therapy have always depended heavily on the patient's ability to produce vivid memory and fantasy images. More recently, developments in cognitive neuroscience have prompted intense interest in conscious experience, of which imagery and imagination are key components.

Authored by Yale Professor Emeritus Jerome Singer, who has been actively researching daydreaming and imagination for more than 50 years, this volume is a comprehensive survey of the research evidence for our capacity to generate images, and the processes involved. Drawing on a lifetime of experience both practicing psychotherapy and training clinicians, Singer argues forcefully that using imagery in psychotherapy is not an esoteric technique for a few specialists but rather is easily integrated into a variety of therapeutic approaches.

Clinicians are shown how to make use of their patients' as well as their own ability to generate images. These techniques can be used regardless of the clinician's theoretical orientation. The author's intellectual breadth and clinical experience are apparent in every chapter, and the reader emerges with a renewed interest in this unique human ability.

Table of Contents


  1. Why Imagery, Personal Memories, and Daydreams Matter
  2. Experiencing and Communicating Private Imagery: A Significant Human Capability
  3. Consciousness, Thinking Modalities, and Imagination: Theory and Research
  4. Imagery as a Precursor and Central Component of Narrative Thought
  5. Imagery and Narrative in Various Forms of Modern Psychotherapy
  6. The Psychotherapeutic Situation
  7. Using Imagery in Psychoanalytically Oriented Therapies
  8. Imagery Applications in Cognitive–Behavioral Therapies
  9. Toward Research-Based New Psychotherapy Models: Self-System and Successful Intelligence Approaches
  10. Expanding Imagery in Patient and Therapist


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