Psychology: Theoretical-Historical Perspectives, Second Edition

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This is the second edition of a 1980 publication that was an important early contribution to the then-infant literature on the historical perspectives on psychology. The approach to theory and history adapted by the contributors is to focus on some of the central figures in the development of the discipline. Within this approach, the authors offer analyses of three major theoretical currents in psychology: psychoanalysis, behaviorism, and the Geneva school.

Other chapters focus on psychophysics (the oldest incarnation of experimental psychology) and on Gestalt, cognitive, and evolutionary psychology. Covering such seminal influences as Fechner, G. E. Muller, Wundt, Galton, James, Darwin, Baldwin, and Vygotsky and such topics as the Americanization of psychology and psychoanalysis, the relationship between politics and psychology in the United States, and the contrasting development of the concept of the self in Western and Eastern psychology, and reprinting chapters originally contributed by B. F. Skinner and Jean Piaget, this text is considerably updated and expanded.

This book provides the reader with a broad overview of the development of a continually evolving field—one that has had such profound influence on the thought and culture of the 20th century.

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