Criminal Profiling: Developing an Effective Science and Practice

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Criminal Profiling: Developing an Effective Science and Practice aims to transform criminal profiling into a credible science and practice that will reliably aid law enforcement investigation.

Authors Scotia J. Hicks and Bruce D. Sales painstakingly critique the state of criminal profiling today and find the practice of criminal profiling to be an art more than an established science, lacking clear links among crime scene evidence and offender motives, personality, and behavior. With no firm scientific basis for their judgments, profilers differ in their conclusions and recommendations, rendering profiling problematic as a law enforcement tool. This book tackles this problem squarely, exploring in detail how a science of profiling may be constructed and tested. The comprehensive new approach offered here builds on existing practice and research and calls for empirical information that can lead to a sound new science of criminal profiling.

Table of Contents
  1. Introduction: The Roots of Modern Profiling

I. Profiling Today

  1. Current Nonscientific Models of Profiling
  2. Problems With Nonscientific Profiling Models
  3. The Current Model of Scientific Profiling
  4. Problems With the Scientific Model of Profiling

II. The Future of Profiling

  1. From Goals to Theory
  2. Crime Scene Evidence
  3. Offender Characteristics: The Constructs of Motives, Personality, and Behavior
  4. Motive and Behavior
  5. Personality and Behavior
  6. A Scientific Model of Profiling
  7. Steps Toward Testing a Scientific Model of Profiling
  8. Conclusion: Recommendations for Practice


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Scotia J. Hicks, PhD, resides in Berkeley, California, where she is a student at the University of California, Boalt Law School. In addition to criminal profiling, Dr. Hicks's scholarly research and interests focus broadly on forensic identification, forensic assessment, and the use of expert evidence in legal decision making.

Bruce D. Sales, PhD, JD, is professor of psychology, sociology, psychiatry, and law at the University of Arizona, where he also directs its Psychology, Policy, and Law Program. Some of his other recent books are Scientific Jury Selection (with J. D. Lieberman, 2006); Experts in Court: Reconciling Law, Science, and Professional Knowledge (with D. Shuman, 2005); More Than the Law: Behavioral and Social Facts in Legal Decision Making (with P. W. English, 2005); Family Mediation: Facts, Myths, and Future Prospects (with C. J. A. Beck, 2001); and Treating Adult and Juvenile Offenders With Special Needs (coedited with J. B. Ashford & W. H. Reid, 2001).

Professor Sales, the first editor of the journals Law and Human Behavior and Psychology, Public Policy, and Law, is a fellow of the American Psychological Association and the American Psychological Society and an elected member of the American Law Institute. He twice served as president of the American Psychology–Law Society. He received the Award for Distinguished Contributions to Psychology and Law from the American Psychology–Law Society, the Award for Distinguished Professional Contributions to Public Service from the American Psychological Association, and an honorary Doctor of Science degree from the City University of New York for being the "founding father of forensic psychology as an academic discipline."

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The contents offer a refreshing breath of scientific scrutiny in a field that originated in the hocus pocus of fiction writing.
—Doody Enterprises, Inc.