A History of Psychology in Autobiography, Volume IX

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The latest installment in the History of Psychology in Autobiography series takes readers through the personal and intellectual journeys of nine eminent people whose research has propelled the field of psychology into the 21st century. Each featured psychologist narrates how historical circumstances, collaborations, internal struggles, and even public conflict led him or her to open and develop various lines of research. Their stories are, by turns, humorous, creative, and courageous.

Over the past fifty years, psychology has expanded from behaviorism and psychoanalysis into cognitive and social theories of learning and brain-based models of behavior and memory. Contributors to this volume document their role in these and other movements, including personality theory and assessment and child development. Readers interested in applied psychology will find valuable insights in authors’ accounts of their involvements in such diverse areas as education design, civil rights, courtroom testimony, media policy, and economics. Editors Gardner Lindzey and William M. Runyan have brought together a collection of essays that put a human face on the maturing science of psychology.

Table of Contents


  1. Elliot Aronson
  2. Albert Bandura
  3. Gordon H. Bower
  4. Jerome Kagan
  5. Daniel Kahneman
  6. Elizabeth F. Loftus
  7. Walter Mischel
  8. Ulric Neisser
  9. Richard F. Thompson

Appendix: Contributors to Volumes I–VIII


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