The Meaning of Others: Narrative Studies of Relationships

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Over the past several years, psychology has begun to revise its vision of the self-contained individual, while devoting more attention to relational, ecological models of self. Evolving alongside this broader conceptualization of the self have been qualitative methods of studying the self-in-relationship.

Building on their previous volumes in the Narrative Study of Lives series, editors Josselson, Lieblich, and McAdams illustrate the potential for narrative analysis to present new insights on human relationships. Here they present creative exemplars of studies on how relationships with parents, friends, peers, therapists, and even members of Internet communities affect such challenging human processes as acculturation, racial identity development, secure attachment, career choice, care giving, and grief.

This volume will be of interest to those who seek a more complex understanding of the experience of relationship in human development. Therapists, researchers and students of developmental, personality and clinical psychology will find much in this book that will conceptually illuminate human relationship in context and in its many narratively-structured possibilities for meaning.

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  1. Narrative and Relation: The Place of the Other in the Story of the Self
    —Mark Freeman
  2. Love in the Narrative Context: The Relationship Between Henry Murray and Christiana Morgan
    —Ruthellen Josselson
  3. Camille Claudel and Auguste Rodin: Toward a Lacanian Poetics
    —Annie G. Rogers
  4. From Island to Archipelago: Narratives of Relatedness in an Urban Youth Organization
    —Nancy L. Deutsch
  5. Earning a Secure Attachment Style: A Narrative of Personality Change in Adulthood
    —Valory Mitchell
  6. Transitions in the Process of Identity Formation Among Japanese Female Adolescents: A Relational Viewpoint
    —Kazumi Sugimura
  7. The Relational Emplotment of Mixed Racial Identity
    —Brian Schiff and Tracie O'Neill
  8. Vicissitudes of "Holding" in the Immigration Experience: The Case of Ethiopian Israeli Adolescents
    —Danna Pessach-Ramati and Ruthellen Josselson
  9. Connections of Care: Relationships and Family Caregiver Narratives
    —Jennifer F. Dobbins
  10. Telling Stories About Therapy: Ego Development, Well-Being, and the Therapeutic Relationship
    —Jonathan M. Adler and Dan P. McAdams
  11. Give Love a Chance: Difficulties of Young Adults in Establishing Long-Term Romantic Relationships
    —Alon Raz, Hadas Wiseman, and Ruth Sharabany
  12. Ongoing Relationships: Recounting a Lost Parent's Life as a Means to Re-member
    —Ron Nasim

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