The Q-Sort in Character Appraisal: Encoding Subjective Impressions of Persons Quantitatively

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For over half a century, the Q-sort has been administered to tens of thousands of individuals to quantify personality in a variety of clinical settings. Through the years, the test has been greatly enhanced by subsequent conceptual and methodological developments and has gained wide currency in research in hundreds of clinical settings.

In this long-awaited expansion of his classic 1961 monograph, Jack Block traces the history of the Q-sort, from the early development of the CAQ descriptors, to the surprising results obtained in using the Q-sort in clinical psychology, and to current uses and future possibilities for research applications. Major versions of the Q-sort currently in use are included, complete with instructions, reflections from the author's personal experience, and descriptive "prototypes" for the individual sorter's reference.

Table of Contents



I. The California Q-Sort Procedure: Expressive Intuitively and Empirically

  1. A Perspective on Subjective Person Evaluations
  2. The California Q-Sort Procedure Described and Demonstrated

II. The California Q-Sort Procedure: Evolving a Lexicon and a Syntax

  1. Developing the California Adult Q-Set Descriptors
  2. The California Adult Q-Set Descriptors: Criticisms and Rejoinders
  3. Q-Sort Methodology
  4. California Q-Sort Psychometrics
  5. On the Process of Characterizing a Person by the California Q-Sort Method

III. The California Q-Sort Procedure: Research Applications and Clinical Relevance

  1. California Q-Sort Research Applications
  2. Subjective Impressions in Clinical Psychology
  3. A Salmagundi of Q and a Salutation to Stephenson


  1. The California Adult Q-Set (CAQ)
  2. The California Child Q-Set (CCQ)
  3. The Child-Rearing Practices Report (CRPR)
  4. The California Environmental Q-Sort (CEQ)
  5. The Adjective Q-Set (AJQ) for the Nonprofessional Sorters
  6. The Teaching Strategy Q-Set (TSQ)
  7. Creating a Q-Sort Deck Using Microsoft Word


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About the Author

Author Bio

Jack Block received his B.A. from Brooklyn College, his M.A. from the University of Wisconsin, and his Ph.D. from Stanford University, majoring in clinical psychology with minors in sociology and physiology. His subsequent career has been as Professor of Psychology at the University of California, at Berkeley.

He has published extensively. He is known for the book, Lives Through Time, on the Berkeley longitudinal study from the 1930s and an ambitious three decade longitudinal research study with his late wife, Jeanne Humphrey Block (c.f., e.g., Venturing a 30-year Longitudinal Study, in The American Psychologist, 2006), his theoretical writings (e.g., the book, Personality as an Affect-Processing System, 2002 and the 1982 Child Development article, Assimilation, accommodation, and the dynamics of personality development), various consequential methodological evaluations (e.g., the book, The Challenge of Response Sets and the 1995 Psychological Bulletin® critique, A contrarian view of the five-factor approach to personality description), and diverse empirical contributions regarding the central constructs of resiliency and ego-control. Over the years, he has been on the board of a number of journals in personality and development.

On sabbaticals and short leaves, he has taught at or been associated with the Institute for Social Research in Oslo, Norway; the Yale-Harvard-Florence project in Florence, Italy, the University of Melbourne in Melbourne, Australia, and the Henry Murray Research Center at Radcliff. He has received numerous national and international awards, one of which was subsequently named after him.