Geographical Psychology: Exploring the Interaction of Environment and Behavior

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The places where people live vary considerably in terms of their social, economic, political, climatic, and physical characteristics. These conditions affect how people from different regions behave and interact with their environments and each other.

Geographical psychology makes the case that understanding of psychological phenomena can be greatly informed by a cross-disciplinary perspective that investigates the spatial organization and geographical representation of such phenomena and the mechanisms that are responsible.

The research described in this volume indicates that personality, political ideology, well-being, happiness, human virtues, and personal concerns are related to several important geographic social indicators.

Additionally, the contributors show how aspects of the social and physical environment influence and interact with such indices as health and morbidity, well-being, crime rates, identity, creativity, and community orientation. Collectively, the chapters in this volume provide a foundation for developing theory and research in this intriguing new field of study.

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