Reinterpreting the Legacy of William James

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Copyright: 1992
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William James, who wrote The Principles of Psychology over 100 years ago, presented psychology as a natural science, but resorted to philosophy for clarification of certain concepts. Reinterpreting the Legacy of William James examines how James's masterwork might have been revised in light of his later pluralistic, pragmatic approach to psychology and philosophy. A distinguished group of psychologists, philosophers, and historians contribute 23 chapters that probe this and other questions in a broad-based collection focused on the contemporary relevance of the works of James.

James's theories concerning psychology and philosophy are compared with those of his contemporaries, and his influence on others in analyzed. Chapters in the volume focus on the pertinence of James's legacy, contemporary psychology, James's debt to Darwin, the self, emotion, and evolutionary theory. Reinterpreting the Legacy of William James offers a retrospective investigation that clearly reveals James's ideological position in psychology and credits the Principles with increased theoretical thought and research. Scholars of psychology, philosophy, history, and science will all find that this celebration of the Principles provides a new and insightful interpretation of James's thought.

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