Violent Men: An Inquiry Into the Psychology of Violence

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Chronic predatory offenders, problem police officers, and others with a demonstrated propensity for violent conduct are the concern of Violent Men: An Inquiry Into the Psychology of Violence.

This revised edition explores the personal motives, attitudes, assumptions, and perceptions of men who are recurrently violent. How patterned and consistent is the violence of such men? What are the dynamics of their escalating encounters? What personal dispositions and orientations are most apt to lead to violence? Readers will not only discover insightful scholarly research, but sense the humanity of violent men, as well as their uniqueness.

Table of Contents




  1. Violence in Psychological Perspective
  2. The Violent Incident as a Unit of Study: Motives for Police Assaults
  3. The Violent Incident in Its Personal Context
  4. The Intersection of Perspectives of Violence
  5. The Violence-Prone Person: A Typology
  6. The Anatomy of Violence
  7. Some Implications