Living in Prison offers a comprehensive inmates' view of prison life, set against a backdrop of "objective" information to understand how individual prisoners relate to and cope with their environment. It captures the flavor of inmate life and presents fully documented evidence that stress can be ameliorated through direct and practical intervention.

Revised and updated from a previous publication by the Free Press.

Table of Contents




  1. Transactions Of Man And Environment

I. Transactions With Prison Environments

Introductory Note

  1. Too Little Or Too Much: Activity And Privacy
  2. Violence From Without And Within: Safety
  3. A Concern With Positive Feelings: Emotional Feedback
  4. Opportunity For Achievement: Support
  5. Stability Of The Environment: Structure
  6. Issues Related To Dependence And Autonomy: Freedom
  7. Environmental Themes And Variations

II. Stress And Its Amelioration

  1. Inmate Victimization
  2. Niches In Prison
  3. Living In Protection

III. Enhancing Environmental Congruence

  1. The Prison Preference Profile
  2. Patterns Of Preference Profiles
  3. Classification For Inmate Survival