Mosaic of Despair: Human Breakdowns in Prison

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Copyright: 1992
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Mosaic of Despair describes the variety of stress transactions that occur in a setting—the prison—which is intended to be uncomfortable or punitive. The study offers an unprecedented opportunity to view stress and personal crises in a real life context. This context has public policy relevance, because an increasing number of citizens must face confinement, and the problems it presents.

Revised and updated from a publication previously published by Aldine Publishing Company.

Table of Contents




  1. The Scope of Our Concern

I. Varieties of Human Breakdown

  1. Solving Insoluble Problems
  2. From Losing Battles to Losing the War
  3. Caging One's Tiger

II. The Effects of Predispositions and Settings

  1. The Ingredients of Despair
  2. Jailing and Stress
  3. Another Man's Poison
  4. Women in Crisis

III. Downhill Careers

  1. Psychological Autopsies
  2. Trauma and Breakdown
  3. A Facade and Its Message
  4. The Price of Conformity
  5. A Question of Trust

IV. Context and Implications

  1. Problems and Crises
  2. Crisis Intervention