Psychodynamic Perspectives on Sickness and Health

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This volume heralds a timely integration of psychodynamic thinking with health psychology. The authors explore the emotional dynamics of health and illness by combining psychodynamic theory with rigorous empirical study. Chapter authors delve into the theoretical underpinnings, application implications, and future research directions in many areas, such as cardiovascular psychology, dreaming and illness, and illness and mortality following bereavement.

Throughout, the relationships among loss, personality, and physical illness as well as the health benefits of emotional expression are explored. The result is a volume that contributes to ongoing dialogue about mind–body relations and the stress paradigm of illness, while beginning exciting new conversations relating psychodynamic thought to emerging areas such as psychoneuroimmunology. This book exemplifies the novel, creative, and bold thinking that will emerge when health psychology and psychoanalysis collaborate to understand sickness and health.

Table of Contents


Introduction: Psychoanalysis and Health Psychology
—Paul Raphael Duberstein and Joseph M. Masling

  1. From Oral Fixation to Object Relations: Changing Perspectives on the Psychodynamics of Interpersonal Dependency and Illness
    —Robert F. Bornstein
  2. Heart and Unconscious Mind: A Psychoanalytic Examination of Cardiovascular Psychology
    —Richard M. O'Neill
  3. Dreaming and Illness
    —Milton Kramer
  4. Scriptotherapy: The Effects of Writing About Traumatic Events
    —Joshua M. Smyth and Melanie A. Greenberg
  5. The Assumed Necessity of Working Through Memories of Traumatic Experiences
    —George A. Bonanno and Stacey Kaltman
  6. Death Can Be Hazardous to Your Health: Adaptive and Ironic Consequences of Defenses Against the Terror of Death
    —Jamie Arndt, Jamie L. Goldenberg, Jeff Greenberg, Tom Pyszczynski, and Sheldon Solomon
  7. Death Cannot Keep Us Apart: Mortality Following Bereavement
    —Paul Raphael Duberstein

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