Motivating Hard to Reach Students

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Copyright: 1994
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This book addresses an all-too-common experience for teachers: trying to reach students who have developed negative attitudes toward themselves and school. The authors present motivational strategies for use with individual students and in classroom management, building on thought-provoking new theories of motivation.

Motivating Hard to Reach Students helps identify teacher qualities that have proven effective in drawing out students' natural motivation. The book examines how to provide a classroom climate that fosters motivation and how to help students understand their own psychological functioning and set learning goals.

With suggested learning activities and guidelines on how to personalize them, the authors explore how to encourage self-determination and academic risk-taking among students.

Table of Contents



  • Student Case Illustrations: Sasha and Derrin
  • Statement of Rationale and Goals

Goal One: Understanding the Nature of Motivation

  • Current Theories of Motivation
  • What Does Research Imply About Principles of Effective Practice?
  • Research on What Works With Hard to Motivate Students

Goal Two: Understanding Motivation and How It Can Be Enhanced

  • Our Changing Notions of Teachers' Roles
  • What It Means to Motivate Students

Goal Three: Helping Students to Understand and Value Themselves

  • Helping Students Understand Their Psychological Functioning and Agency
  • Helping Students Value Themselves and Learning

Goal Four: Creating a Classroom Environment That Motivates Students

  • Creating Opportunities for Growth and Self-Determination
  • Encouraging Academic Risk Taking
  • Creating a Positive Learning Climate

Checking Back With Sasha and Derrin

Final Review


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