Relationships Among Asian American Women

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This unique book brings fresh insight into Asian American women's lives by exploring the relationships they form together. Addressing the sociocultural, political, historical, and familial contexts that contribute to the development of their relationships, contributors paint rich and refreshingly complex portraits of Asian American women. Throughout, the authors give voice to the many ethnic groups that make up the Asian American community.

This book focuses on how issues inherent in any relationship—attachment, communication style, power and trust—are manifested in both unique and universal ways by Asian American women. Experiential data, empirical studies, and case examples bring the diversity of these women's experiences alive. This book is a testament to the importance of relationships for these women. A must-read for women's studies scholars, social scientists, and multicultural psychologists.

Table of Contents


—Reiko Homma True

I. Diversity: Voices of Asian American Women

  1. Asian American Women: Many Voices, Different Sounds
    —Jean Lau Chin
  2. Asian American Women and Social Advocacy
    —Kem B. Louie

II. Adaptive Relationships: Resilience in the Midst of Sociopolitical Contexts

  1. U.S. Attitudes Toward Women of Asian Ancestry: Legislative and Media Perspectives
    —Liang Tien
  2. World War II Internment and the Relationships of Nisei Women
    —Donna K. Nagata
  3. Domestic Violence in Vietnamese Refugee and Korean Immigrant Communities
    —Carolee GiaoUyen Tran and Kunya Des Jardins

III. Biculturalism: Interactive Dualism in Relationships

  1. Ancestors and Ancestor Altars: Connecting Relationships
    —Christine M. Chao
  2. Mother–Daughter Relationships: Asian American Perspectives
    —Jean Lau Chin
  3. Identity Development and Conflicts Among Indian Immigrant Women
    —Divya Kakaiya
  4. Friendships and Social Networks Among Asian American Women
    —Felicisima C. Serafica, Alice Weng, and Hyoun K. Kim

IV. Paradigms: From Whose Lens: Perspectives of Asian American Women

  1. Structural and Individual Influences Affecting Racialized Dating Relationships
    —Diane C. Fujino
  2. Interpersonal Relationships: Independence Versus Interdependence
    —S. Cathy Louie
  3. Paradigms for Asian American Women: Power and Connections
    —Jean Lau Chin

Afterword: Public Policy and Practice Challenges Remain
—Alice F. Chang

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