A Century of Developmental Psychology

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In a broad overview of theory, A Century of Developmental Psychology demonstrates how major scientific ideas are seasoned by time then savored for a greater and fuller interpretation at a later date.

This edited book of readings looks back over a century of developmental psychology and assesses the influence of key historical figures on current theory and research in the field. The chapters contain examinations of the work of Darwin, Hall, Baldwin, Dewey, Binet, Freud, Watson, Piaget, Stern, Werner, Vygotsky, Gesell, McGraw, Bowlby, Ainsworth, Bayley, Sears, Bandura, and E. J. Gibson. From these readings a clear sense emerges of the recurrent nature of many of the important theoretical, developmental, and methodological issues, in developmental psychology.

The readings are arranged chronologically by historical period and are divided into sections that cover the founding years, the consolidation of a separate science of development, the middle years, and the modern era. The context of these readings is set by the editors in the introductory chapter by providing an overview of the major themes and issues that have occupied developmentalists over the past 100 years.

The final section of the book contains a series of reflections on the future of the field by prominent developmental scientists. Except for the introductory material, all the chapters are reprinted from 1992 centennial issues of Developmental Psychology.

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