New Approaches to Literacy: Helping Students Develop Reading and Writing Skills

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Copyright: 1994
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New Approaches to Literacy addresses the controversy over "skills versus whole language" in reading education by integrating the best features of each approach. Based on experience with thousands of teachers, the authors present a learning strategy in which students acquire reading and writing skills as a by-product of meaningful communication tasks.

This book provides a learning model that breaks down reading and writing skills into component processes and presents strategies for teaching each one. The authors explain how to identify students who are having problems with any of the component processes and how to assist students through mediated instruction, a one-to-one, workshop-style relationship between teacher and student.

The book includes illustrative scenarios and a model for constructing classroom projects.

Table of Contents



  • Two Views of Reading and Writing
  • A New Approach to Literacy Development
  • Statement of Rationale and Goals

Goal 1: Understanding Two Approaches to Reading and Writing Instruction

  • The Skills Approach
  • The Whole-Language Approach
  • Historical Roots of the Controversy
  • What's Wrong and What's Right About Each Approach
  • Integrating the Two Approaches

Goal 2: Understanding and Mediating the Reading Process

  • The General Task Processor
  • The General Information Screener
  • The Propositional Network Processor
  • The Word Processor
  • The Macrostructure Generator

Goal 3: Understanding and Mediating the Writing Process

  • The General Task Processor
  • The Network Processor
  • The Sentence Processor
  • The Word Processor
  • The Graphemic Processor
  • The Editorial Processor

Goal 4: Meditated Instruction in the Classroom

  • The Mini-Lesson
  • The Activity Period
  • The Sharing Period

Revisiting Mr. Navarro and Ms. Zimmer

Final Review