Bringing Cultural Diversity to Feminist Psychology: Theory, Research, and Practice

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Leaders in feminist psychology have increasingly stressed the need to pay greater attention to cultural diversity among women and to integrate this diversity into teaching, theory building, research, and practice. This book responds by focusing on the empirical- and practice-based implications of recognizing such diversity in the psychology of women. Among the areas explored are child development (e.g., cognitive growth and socialization), therapy and supervision (e.g., among women of different ethnic groups), research (e.g., health psychology), and contemporary interdisciplinary issues, such as sexual harassment and pornography.
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List of Contributors

—Bernice Lott

—Hope Landrine


  1. Introduction: Cultural Diversity, Contextualism, and Feminist Psychology
    —Hope Landrine

I. Cultural Diversity in Theory and Methodology in Feminist Psychology

Introduction to Part I

  1. Ethnic Diversity in the Experience of Feminism: An Existential–Phenomenological Approach
    —Ellen B. Kimmel and Michael G. Garko
  2. Cultural Diversity and Methodology in Feminist Psychology: Critique, Proposal, Empirical Example
    —Hope Landrine, Elizabeth A. Klonoff, and Alice Brown-Collins
  3. Cognitive Gender Differences: Why Diversity Is a Critical Research Issue
    —Diane F. Halpern
  4. Socialization of Girls: Issues of Ethnicity in Gender Development
    —Pamela Trotman Reid, Calliope Haritos, Elizabeth Kelly, and Nicole E. Holland
  5. Stirring Trouble and Making Theory
    —Jill G. Morawski and Betty M. Bayer

II. Cultural Diversity in Feminist Practice in Psychology

Introduction to Part II

  1. Cultural Diversity in Feminist Therapy: Theory and Practice
    —Laura S. Brown
  2. Supervision of Psychotherapists: Integrating Anti-Racist, Feminist, and Multicultural Perspectives
    —Natalie Porter
  3. Academic Sexual Harassment: From Theory and Research to Program Implementation
    —Michele A. Paludi, Darlene C. DeFour, Rosemarie Roberts, Anna Maria Tedesco, Jacqueline Brathwaite, and Andrea Marino

III. The Psychology of Women of Four Ethnic Groups

Introduction to Part III

  1. American Indian Women and Psychology
    —Teresa LaFromboise, Sandra Bennett Choney, Amy James, and Paulette R. Running Wolf
  2. Psychological Issues for Latinas
    —Angela B. Ginorio, Lorraine Gutiérrez, Ana Mari Cauce, and Mimi Acosta
  3. The Psychology of Asian American Women
    —Maria P. P. Root
  4. Psychology of Black Women: Past, Present, and Future
    —Veronica G. Thomas and Shari E. Miles

IV. Ethnicity and Selected Research Topics in Feminist Psychology

Introduction to Part IV

  1. Double Jeopardy: Ethnicity and Gender in Health Research
    —Elizabeth A. Klonoff, Hope Landrine, and Judyth Scott
  2. Ethnicity and Gender Issues in Language
    —Nancy M. Henley
  3. Black and White (and Blue): Ethnicity and Pornography
    —Gloria Cowan

Conclusion: Cultural Diversity and the Future of Feminist Psychology
—Rhoda K. Unger


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Hope Landrine received her PhD in clinical psychology from the University of Rhode Island (1983), completed her postdoctoral training in social psychology at Stanford University (1984–1986), and received additional training in preventive medicine in the Department of Preventive Medicine, University of Southern California Medical School (1992–1993).

She is currently a research scientist at the Public Health Foundation of Los Angeles County, where she conducts full-time, grant-supported research and preventive interventions to improve the health of African American and Latino children and adults, and of women and girls of all ethnic groups. She has published numerous articles on cultural diversity.

Her other books include The Politics of Madness (1992, Peter Lang); African-American Acculturation: Deconstructing Race and Reviving Culture, with Elizabeth Klonoff (1995, Sage); and Preventing Misdiagnosis of Women: A Therapist's Guide to Physical Disorders With Psychiatric Symptoms (in press, Sage).

Dr. Landrine received the 1994 American Psychological Association Minority Fellowship Program Achievement Award for Research for outstanding contributions to research on cultural diversity in feminist, clinical, and health psychology.