Psychological Assessment in Medical Rehabilitation

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Psychological Assessment in Medical Rehabilitation examines the current applications of psychological assessment of adults in the context of physical rehabilitation. The editors begin by presenting a model of rehabilitation assessment that is based on the most current research and literature. They provide an overview of the testing considerations that are unique to individuals with disabilities and of associated special training needs for psychologists who work in this area. They also describe the various patient populations seen in rehabilitation settings and examine the topic of "consumer empowerment" as it pertains to psychological assessment.

Contributors cover topics such as measures of coping and disability, functional assessment, bedside screening of neurocognitive function, and the assessment of pain and pain behavior, family functioning and social support, vocational interests and abilities, and deficits awareness. For each of these areas of assessment, the authors describe typical referral questions, types of data gathered, frequently used tests, psychometric properties of the tests, and limitations and cautions that apply to tests and their use with specific populations.

Table of Contents

List of Contributors

—Leonard Diller


I. Introduction

  1. A Model of Rehabilitation Assessment
    —Marcia J. Scherer
  2. History and Context of Psychological Assessment in Rehabilitation Psychology
    —Laura A. Cushman

II. Measures and Instruments

  1. Measures of Coping and Reaction to Disability
    —Allen W. Heinemann
  2. Functional Assessment
    —Nancy M. Crewe and Marcel Dijkers
  3. Bedside Screening of Neurocognitive Function
    —Mark T. Wagner, Madhabika Nayak, and Christine Fink
  4. Traditional and Consensual Approaches to Behavioral Assessment
    —James F. Malec and Carolyn Lemsky
  5. Assessment of Pain and Pain Behavior
    —Richard W. Millard
  6. Assessment of Family Functioning and Social Support
    —Thomas A. Novack and Randal J. Gage
  7. Assessment of Vocational Interests and Aptitudes in Rehabilitation Settings
    —Michael J. Leahy
  8. Measurement of Personality and Psychopathology Following Acquired Physical Disability
    —Timothy R. Elliott and Robert L. Umlauf
  9. The Role of Nonstandard Neuropsychological Assessment in Rehabilitation: History, Rationale, and Examples
    —Bruce Caplan and Judith Shechter
  10. Assessing Awareness of Deficits: Recent Research and Applications
    —Jeffrey R. Campodonico and Susan M. McGlynn

Appendix: Testing Resources
—Ellen L. Cronk

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